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Made By Mizo

Welcome to Made By Mizo, your go-to destination for unique, high-quality handcrafted products and local food and beverages. We are proud to support local entrepreneurs and artisans by bringing their exceptional products directly to you. Our mission is to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of our local communities.

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Our Journey

The MadebyMizo initiative began in 2017, driven by a group of young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs from Mizoram. It was officially rolled out as a concept in 2023, with a clear focus on showcasing the best of Mizoram's craftsmanship and products. Our goal is to elevate the quality standards and reach of these products to a global market.

Our Parent Company

One Organic Partnership

MadebyMizo is proudly owned by One Organic Partnership, which is a unique entity within One Organic Partnership. This relationship allows us to leverage the strengths and resources of our parent company to bring you the finest products from Mizoram.

What We Do

At MadebyMizo, we carefully scout, select, and certify the finest local products that meet our strict quality standards. Our team ensures that each product embodies the skill and dedication of its maker. We provide a platform that brings you a diverse range of items, reflecting the vibrant culture and traditions of Mizoram.

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